chelated silver

Silver is a natural antibiotic. It is non-toxic to humans and animals but lethal to a wide range of bacteria, fungi, mold, parasites, and viruses.  Scientists believe silver blocks the respiration and modifies the DNA of pathogens causing them to expire.

The active ingredient in LaSal Products is Chelated [key-lay-ted] silver. LaSal’s Patented Chelation Process enhances the germ-killing properties of silver. This Technology combines silver atoms and organic atoms to form a Chelated molecule. Molecular particles [by definition the smallest particles in any element] are evenly dispersed in a gentle, mild solution of deionized water and antiseptic ingredients.*

Simply stated, Chelated Silver comprises  molecules of purified silver covalently bonded to organic molecules [and] evenly dispersed throughout a solution. This covalent bonding considerably enhances the antimicrobial activity and persistence [killing power over time] of silver.

Kill rates on microbes are one-to-one; meaning one molecule of silver kills one pathogen.

Unlike harsh chemicals such as alcohol, chlorine, and iodine, LaSal’s Chelated Silver accelerates the body’s own natural capacity to renew and regenerate compromised cellular and tissue structure.

*By contrast,  Colloidal Silver is globular bits of elemental silver randomly floating in water.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

Company Name: LaSal Animal Health                                                                                               Telephone Numbers:    801-375-6969

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Product Names: []]  Nebulize: 4 oz. ;  [2] Nebulize: 16 oz.; [3] Wound & Skin Foam: 7.1 oz.; [4] Spray: 16 oz.;

Product Numbers: Each of 4 distinctive products has its own UPC [Uniform Product Code]

  1. & 2, Nebulizing Solution; [General Usage]:Equine, Bovine, Goats, Sheep; Cats, Dogs. Vaporizing Liquid for Mouth, Esophageal, Breathing Physiology of Animals.
  1. & 4. Wound & Skin Care for Animals; [General Usage]: Same or Similar as above:

Topical as either Foam or Spray: [antibacterial; anti-microbial; anti-fungal; anti-viral].

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY[Full Copy of Standard MSDS available upon request]

Products Ingredients are Non-Combustible; Non-Flammable; Non-Hazardous. Meets [or exceeds] OSHA Non-Hazardous Standards: 29 CFR 1910.1200.

General Appearance is [typically]: Light Yellow; tending, with slight variance, to be [Gold, Graying, or Silver in color];  Odor: Negligible Fragrance Free;

Product may be slightly irritating to human eyes. Moderate use of Foam around the eyes of large animals has shown to decrease insect infestation.

Product Ingredients are not a primary skin irritant.

INGESTION: Products demonstrate no toxicity through ingestion.

Stability: Non-Reactive. No Chronic or other reactive effects were found or known.


EYES: In case of excessive eye contact, flush with water for 1 minute. If irritation develops or persists, call a Physician.

SKIN: If irritation develops, flush with water for 1 minute. If irritation develops or persists, consult a Physician or a Veterinarian.

SPILL OR LEAK PROCEDURES: Flush with ½  to 1 gallon water to the sanitary sewer. Dispose of in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Product is non-toxic  ( > 5 ppm<) to sanitary systems.


RESPIRATORY: Not Required. VENTILATION: Normal. EYE WEAR: Not Required.

GLOVES: Not Required. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING: Not Required.

PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN IN HANDLING AND STORING: Store in a moderate to slightly cool place to maintain product integrity. Keep out of reach of small children.


Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the USFDA. These products are not intended to cure, diagnose, prevent or treat any disease.


The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded the Patent for Chelated Silver in December 2007. Both the Search and Examination Reports issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization [WIPO] during the patenting process confirmed that LaSal Laboratories, L.C. is the only company in the world possessing the capability to chelate silver.

Currently LaSal Laboratories holds three full patents:

US: 7,311,927 B2

Canada: 2,500,461

China: ZL 03824562.0